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Our Story

When Grandpa Dale came to live with us as a ninety-year-old, we discovered that the pin, surgeons had used to stabilize the upper leg and hip, was scraping the hip socket, and causing terrible pain.  As a result, he couldn’t walk or bend easily, and due to his age, surgery was not an option. Toileting had become a trial.  Hard plastic toilet risers were painful to sit on while the vinyl covered sponge rubber would collapse under pressure so he could not eliminate.   Cleaning those spongy types was next to impossible due to the seams and cracks collecting excrement and urine.  The plastic ones bolted to the toilet made cleaning them a major job.  Most of them leaked and some of them had no access for a caregiver to help with hygiene. It was disgusting. ​An idea was born!  What if we created something softer, but not collapsible; allowing no urine under the toilet riser to dribble onto the floor; portable, no bolts, no Velcro, no suction cups?  Just raise the toilet seat and place.  Fast forward seven years to Earth Throne, a new generation elevated toilet seat, .​Our mission is to help people.  Therefore, we have donated Earth Thrones to our local hospice and senior center.  We would like to help your community as well.  We will be giving away 25 Earth Thrones to needy organizations or people.  Fill out the message box below or on our contact page.

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