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A Protector of Widows

Shock and unbelief kept me from understanding the words on the page. My husband had died three weeks prior to this letter. According to the letter, my health insurance was terminated due to his death, and at 82, I would have to resort to Cobra until I found a new wrap around policy to supplement Medicare coverage.

I had a hip replacement that month and immediately I sent a check to Cobra because the due date was only ten days. The bills had to be paid for the surgery, and I could not get stuck paying what our insurance would have paid.

Both my husband and I had worked for the same company, but due to an early retirement, I had opted to be a dependent on his policy. Over the years, the insurance company had performed flawlessly, and my understanding from the company benefits department, was that the policy would continue after my husband’s death. Contrary to my understanding, the letter I held in my hand stated that I was no longer covered.

Grief was overwhelming! What could I do? My pension and social security check covered my needs, but an added monthly payment would severely cut into my income.

I called the company benefits department.

“Oh, after looking at our records, that letter was a mistake. Your policy is intact, and we will be sending new cards to you within a week.”

A mistake? Tears of relief, instead of grief, coursed down my cheeks. All I could do was thank the Lord for answering the prayer of a grieving widow.

Psalm 68:5 God is a protector of widows.

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