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How Do I Find Help to Take Care of My Parent?

“Grandma was a home health housekeeper through the senior center. She told me about the job, and I joined her cleaning houses for the elderly. I loved working with my grandmother and helping seniors. When a position opened for a care coordinator, I applied and got the job. Can’t believe I’ve been here for thirteen years.”

Now, Lacey Kidman is the Program Director and Care Coordinator for the Wyoming Senior Services Center. As a result, she’s also in charge of getting home help for the elderly who apply for assistance.

Unfortunately, like so many businesses, the need is great, with fifty seniors/caregivers on a waiting list, her staff of seven are spread thin. The biggest need is for a CNA with a Home Health Aide certification. Most CNA’s have 75 hours of training, however, the HHA certification is another 16 hours of role-specific training.

Those who are interested can check with their local college for work training grants. For those in Wyoming check this website for details:

Seniors, age 60+, and those with a disability, aged 18 and over, can apply to the Wyoming Home Services for help.

“If they are needing services, call us. They need to fill out paperwork and we accept whatever they can afford or want to pay.” Lacey added, “Caregivers especially need a break, but they are reluctant to call anyone for help. What they don’t realize is help is available. They just need to ask.”

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